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Why is UFilter not filtering any profanity from my video?

There are various reasons UFilter may not be detecting profanity. Try the following to resolve the problem:

  1. Make sure closed captioning (CC) is enabled on for your video.

    UFilter will completely hide CC from being displayed on your video (unless you have turned this feature off in settings), but CC still needs to be enabled on your video. Look for any buttons that have the “CC” label or say “Captions” to turn on closed captioning. After enabling CC refresh the page for UFilter to begin detecting profanity.

  2. Make sure your video is on a supported website.

    UFilter only works for the following movie streaming websites:

    • Netflix
    • Hulu
    • Movies rented on YouTube
    • Amazon Instant Video

How do I customize what words are muted in my video?

  1. Click on the UFilter icon in Chrome:

  2. Click "Set filtered words and other settings" in the "Settings" section:

  3. Click "Settings"

  4. Modify the filter list.

    Modify the filter list by adding or removing items from the comma-seperated list. Click "Save Settings".

    Note that words must be seperated by commas with no whitespace (i.e. "banana,flowers,pink,rainbow" without the quotation marks). The filter list is case-insensitive.

    Be sure to click "Save Settings!"

Why is UFilter only filtering some profanity or not muting quickly enough?

  1. Make sure the word that UFilter is missing is on your filter list (see instructions "How to I customize what words are muted in my video?"). Note that UFilter mutes any instances it finds of the word (i.e. if "pinkflower" was on your filter list "pink" and "flower" would be caught and muted).

  2. By default UFilter checks the video for profanity once every 50 milliseconds. You can reduce this number to increase the accuracy the UFilter’s mute timing. To adjust this value go to your installed Chrome Extentsions, find UFilter, and click “Options” -> “Settings” then adjust the “Filter Rate” value.