Filter profanity from all content available from all of the major streaming services!


Stream 4,500+ movies and 2,500+ TV series from the comfort of your own home -- filtered!.


Over 3,000 TV series and more than 86,000 TV episodes makes for over 68,000 hours of video that you can watch -- filtered!

Amazon Instant Video

Amazon offers more than 80,000 movies and TV episodes that you can watch and enjoy -- filtered!

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UFilter is packed with features that help you enjoy your favorite content more than ever.

Customizable List

Choose which words you don't want to hear in a video.


UFilter filters out offensive audio on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Instant Video.

Preserve Context

UFilter mutes the audio, it will also show you what you are missing in the form of subtitles. Without the profanity, of course!

Installation Instructions

UFilter is available for just $19.99 and contains no ads. That means that for the price of just one new movie, you can filter out offensive language from over 100,000 movies and TV episodes! Currently UFilter is only available for Chrome browser.

  1. Click on the image below
  2. Click "Add To Chrome"
  3. Navigate to a video in Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Instant Video
  4. Turn on closed captioning for the video and play!

    UFilter can be customized to fit your prefered viewing experience. For information on the available customizations see settings.

Protect your family from offensive words.

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